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Types of E-cigars and the E-liquids for Them

E-cigar is considered to produce the effect of smoking a cigar without having to burn the tobacco leaves. This is possible through the process of inhaling the vapors that are produced by heating the e-liquid in the e-cigars that is vaporized and emitted by the atomizer. Having said that the e-cigar by itself is of different types and the type f device might influence the type of e-liquid you have to opt for.

Types of E-cigars

Types of e-cigars

The e-cigar is the hardware that is used to ensure the efficiency of the e liquid which can be compared to software that works perfectly when supported aptly by the hardware.   The types of e-cigars include those that resemble an ordinary cigar, those that resemble a pen as well as those devices that are called desktop types which include pod or tanker.  While the pen like and cigar-like devices require cartridges of single-use type or a reusable type, you also have e-cigars that come in the pre-filled state meant for a certain period of use. After, the period of use, the e-cigar has to be disposed of. The others including the tanks have to be filled with e liquid for the smoking experience.

Again, you have manually operated e-cigars and those operated with sensors which would activate the battery and the heating element whenever the user sucks the mouthpiece in the e-cigar. There are e-cigars that are classified by the smoking experience they provide as  Mouth to Lung category and Sub-ohm or direct to lung devices. However, the quality of the e-juice, its nicotine concentration, etc has an influence in ensuring an effective vaping experience for which the e-liquid that is chosen should be suitable to the device you intend to use.

E-liquid types

The main ingredients in an e liquid are either propylene Glycol (PG) or Vegetable Glycerin (VG).  Either of these ingredients or a combination of the two ingredients account for about 95% of the e-liquid. The PG and the VG base contribute to a number of factors such as the cloud produced, throat hit,  etc. This would influence the choice of e-liquid based on these factors. The flavorings and the nicotine make up the rest 5%. When the nicotine concentration is less the flavoring would be more, and when the nicotine content is high, the flavoring would be mild. There is a wide range of flavoring including a number of fruity flavors, dessert flavors, chocolate, and menthol flavors and highly creative combination flavors.

While flavoring is you choose is purely a matter of personal preference, it is important to choose the e-liquids with PG and VG concentrations that would be appropriate for use in the e-cigar hardware you intend to use. The mouth to lung devices with high nicotine strength can be used e-juices with hPG or high concentration of PG considering the pleasant throat hit and the pleasant flavoring that would result in an enjoyable experience.  Similarly, indirect to lung devices with large e-juice flow channels and the possibility to adjust the airflow and settings, using e-liquids with high VG is recommended.