Steps For Perfect Skin Every Day!

To maintain the skin, it is not necessarily to buy the most expensive beauty products; it is essential to organize, implement its small beauty methodology. Easy to reproduce every morning, without asking too many questions … Have good automatisms, it is ideal when you are still a little in the fog! Regularity and quality are the keywords.

Between creams, serums, micellar water or tonic … we get sometimes lost a little.

To simplify everything once and for all, here are the fundamental questions that you have probably already asked yourself:

  • What are the essential products?
  • Do they serve the same thing or are they complementary?
  • In what order should they be applied to optimize their effects?

Good news, we also give you, without further delay, the answers. The time has come to understand in which order to apply facial care, to pamper every day his skin, our most substantial body, which has this fabulous ability to renew itself continuously … Follow the guide!

Step 1: Clean skin

Priority level? ESSENTIAL!

Depending on one’s skin type, one often hears the same speech:

  • For sensitive skin, light micellar water;
  • For oily skin, a suitable gel;
  • For healthy or dry skin, a natural oil;

For mature skin, sweet milk.

And if we told you that only one cleaner could suffice, and this does not matter the type of skin? Practice when there are several women in the same house. You do not believe in it? And yet, our cleansing milk with snail slime takes care of all skin types. The combination of oils and fats allows effective cleaning. As for the slime snail, it will leave your skin supple and fresh. And you smell that delicious fragrance? It is that of the white flowers and the orange tree. Happiness for the nostrils 🙂

As with each of the steps presented in this article, we advise you to avoid the use of disposable cleansing cotton, which is not environmentally friendly. There are alternatives like fabric squares, natural sponges, or … hands (very clean!).

Step 2: Wake Up And Tone The Skin, Without The Rush

Priority level? Depending on the weather and the desire!

If you use the Cleanser to clean your skin, know that this step is not obligatory, even useless. Indeed, thanks to the 10% of green snail slime present in our makeup remover, your skin regains all its flexibility and lightness; but also its hydration and its shine.

Even so, if toning your skin after cleansing is a fun part of your morning routine, we don’t wish to deprive you of it and also give you our tips for success!

For this second step, you usually have a choice between two products: a tonic lotion or, its natural equivalent, floral water (aka hydrosol).

After cleaning your skin, you can spray floral water on your face, which you can then dab with a tissue or a clean textile to absorb the excess liquid. For all types of skin, the waters of rose, blueberry, lavender, lemon balm, linden are adapted; and for mature skin are recommended those witch hazel, orange blossom, cinnamon, sage, immortal, Ylang-Ylang …

This stage of cleaning and toning of the face makes it possible to eliminate the last traces of recalcitrant makeup permanently, and in passing the dead cells, the limescale which is deposited on the skin (in contact with the water during the shower for example).

The lotion (or floral water), it, tighten the pores, brighten the complexion, tone the skin, and prepare it for future care and makeup.