How To Have Beautiful Hands Every Day?

Do you remember when did you last look at your hands? Before shaking someone’s important? While they were dancing on the keyboard? In an embarrassing moment?

If what you discovered at that time did not please you, we suggest you test these ten beauty gestures to take care of your hands, quite simply!

4 Tips For Pampering And Caring For Your Hands

  1. Moisturize Your Hands!

The hands are particularly exposed to external aggressions (the cold in winter like the sun in summer). All year long, they therefore particularly need to be hydrated.

We advise you to use a moisturizer once a day minimum on washed and cleaned hands. At Maison Royer, we have developed a hand cream based on 30% fresh organic snail slime. In addition to leaving the hands hydrated and protected, it is a formidable efficiency to repair dehydrated skin, victims of scars and crevices. Not to mention this delicious fragrance with notes of almonds, vanilla, and shea!

Take the opportunity to set up a ritual massage, which will both penetrate the cream and relax the skin. And to do you right at the same time!

To make the treatment penetrate, you can also wear cotton gloves after using the cream.

  1. Beware Of Excessive Hand Washing!

You should wash your hands regularly during the day; we can not say that it is terrible in itself. On the contrary, it’s one of the first things we teach kids to do. However, water (oddly) tends to dehydrate the skin.

To overcome this effect, you can put a bottle of moisturizer near the sink, to think about applying after each pass.

  1. Avoid Attacking Your Hands!

Exactly, we were talking about washing hands. When the time comes to dry them, we strongly advise against the use of electric hand dryers, which are very aggressive with the skin, in addition to being noisy! It is true that it is tempting, because fast and useful; but we promise you that opting for a soft towel is just as much, and especially more enjoyable for your hands.

And it’s not just electric hand dryers that attack your hands, think about the sun in summer and the cold in winter! To protect them from these natural aggressions, we avoid too much exposure to the sun in summer, or we spread them with sunscreen (you will also prevent sunburn); and when winter comes, we arm ourselves with gloves!

Last factor of aggression for your hands (and not least): household products! Do not immerse your bare hands in a basin full of multi surfaces cleanser (even organic) or household vinegar. The results on your skin can be disastrous. We recommend that you protect them by using household gloves, they are made for that!

  1. Bet On Complementary Care!

Regular exfoliation is a good reflex. This type of care eliminates dead skin. By erasing the dry areas, it clears the hands and reduces the tasks. Our scrub with organic snail slime has a pleasant texture, smooth to spread and rinse. Glycolic acid, naturally contained, combined with black sand from Europe and organic apricot powder, exfoliates the skin of your hands, gently remove dead cells, and promote its renewal. For irritated hands, we do not recommend the scrub and recommend a moisturizing treatment with our hand cream to soothe and heal the skin permanently.

In case of extreme dryness of the skin of the hands, in addition to the hand cream, one adopts a night mask and a dose of homoplasmic. A winning combination of care!

Beauty Gestures To Have Beautiful Hands, To The Tips Of Your Nails!

Lending your nails the attention they deserve is essential! The tips of your fingers can bring you warning signs of deficiencies. For example, if they break easily, they probably lack iron, zinc or vitamin B. Normally, a healthy nail is pinkish and slightly shiny.

Cover them with an excellent polish to sublimate your hands, it’s good, but it’s not enough! Not to mention that you may not know it, but the varnish is not always soft with our nails, especially when we put often!

Discover without delay our precious advice to have beautiful nails, and especially which breathe the health:

Once a week, for 15 minutes, you dip your nails in a bowl of hot water, with a drizzle of olive oil (to feed them) and a little lemon juice (to whiten them).

We Adopt A Nail-

a polishing ritual that respects the pin:

  1. Hydrate by offering a 2-minute bath in lukewarm water at the ends of your fingers
  2. Push back the cuticles (the small skins that are at the base nail)
  3. Once the nails dry, file your nails with a delicate movement, always in the same direction (especially no round trip that will weaken the pins!). Prefer a file made of glass or emery (metal ones are aggressive).
  4. Protect your nails by putting on a protective base. This will prevent varnish pigments from fading and yellowing your nails. The station can also have nourishing, whitening, reinforcing and specific effects according to your needs.
  5. Color with the varnish of your choice
  6. To make sure your polish lasts in time, apply a layer of “top coat.”
  7. Avoid stringing varnish poses: your nails need to breathe!

Just like face cream, hand cream must be an integral part of your beauty routine. Try to zap at least this step. We promise you that your nails will be grateful to you 😉 Late? Take your cream with you and apply it on the bus or at work! It takes barely 2 minutes, and it’s so important to have pretty good hands.