Components of SEO Strategy

SEO refers to Search engine optimization.  It is the number of processes and techniques that are adapted to ensure that your website gets enough traffic on the organic search engines that are popular among those who use the net. When you are on an SEO campaign, you need to be aware of its components which include both on the page and off page SEO activities.


What is on the page and off page SEO?

This is the two main features that the search engines use to compare and evaluate your website against other sites on the web. Both have a crucial role to play, but they are actually quite opposed to each other when it comes to determining means to improve search engine rankings. Are you searching for digital marketing agency?

 All about on-page SEO 

It is also called the on-site SEO. It refers to the act of optimizing different aspects of your website that you think would enhance your search engine ranking. It is one that you are capable of controlling completely. You can keep making changes to the website by making changes in the elements of your website which include

  • Title tags– An effective title tag would help attract traffic to your website. There are a lot of practices that are considered to be very effective in creating attractive tags and includes putting the targeted keywords in the title.
  • Headings-the headings are easily the longest and largest words on the page. They are, therefore, more important than the page copy, if you are able to incorporate the keywords into the heading, it would be the best thing to happen. But, it is important that the page content matches the title aptly.
  • Alt Text for images– The images in your website must be allowed by your content management system.  This would not be visible to the visitor.  The screen reader software employed by search engines would crawl images in the same way. When the image is described accurately, and keywords are inserted appropriately,  the search engines would be able to understand the page’s content.
  • Page load speed– Faster loading page would enjoy better ranking in SEO. This is because of the better user experience they would be able to provide.
  • Content on the page- Content is very important. You need to ensure that the content you are uploading is helpful to the users, is interesting to read. However, the standards to check the quality of the content varies between different search engines.
  • Internal Linking – On-page SEO is meant for both your target audience as well as the search engine robots.  Internal linking would be helpful for them both.
  • URL-You have to choose the right URL and maintain it unless you intend to redirect the audience to a new and better URL. However, it has to be done only with professional help.

All about Off-page SEO

If the on-page SEO is all about how attractive the website is, the off page SEO relates too how authoritative it is. This is known as Domain Authority. Creating content that is shareable has been considered as the best method to earn valuable links that is essential for improving Off-page SEO. However, it has got to do with following the right processes to buy links and not manipulating it to achieve the same which would result in penalization by the search engines.