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 Check out the signs on Hands Can Talk facebook page    


The ON-LINE shop is closed as of 23rd.10.2012   Items still showing on my website are available for purchase at workshops only.

The 'Sing & Sign With Me' Book can be purchased by calling 02 98248332 and discounts given for orders of 5 or more. Payment by Direct Debit or Cheque only.

 After much deliberation over the last 18 months, I have decided that it is time to close the doors on the shop part of my business.

There will still be some resources available at workshops.

The reason behind this decision is a long and involved story that I am sure you dont want or need to get into.

But after 18 years in business I have decided that I have had enough of this side of the business and would rather stay with the side I started with and continue to teach and education those willing to listen and learn.


  "Hands Can Talk" focuses on teaching sign language to parents, carers and professionals who then take their knowledge and pass it on to their children.

We dont just teach the signs we also give you an understanding about what you are doing and why you are doing it!!!!!

At Hands Can Talk  we teach participants Auslan signs and how they would be used within the hearing community. That is with the 'Key Word Sign' concept. (always with voice and only signing the most relevant words and in correct word order.)

All of the signs are simple, everyday, EASY TO LEARN signs.

At this point we would also like to point out that although we always try to use signs that are relevant to our region this is not always possible. A couple of reasons for this are: When working with someone with special needs using sign language is not always possible to

  •  use a sign that is regional and we may choose a sign that looks more 'visual'  or easier to do for that person
  • It may be necessary to modify the sign slightly because we want the child/adult to see what we are saying so they can use all the clues
  • the sign
  • voice
  • facial expression
  • body language
  • the shape of your mouth
  • tone of voice

So in say the instance of signing 'Bird' we would move the sign from directly infront of the mouth to just infront of the chin. Or 'School' instead of infront of  the face is moved to the side.

In the instance of 'Hands Can Talk' we have always tried to follow the lead of Key Word Sign Australia (formerly known as Makaton). and used the versions of the signs that they have elected to use.

This is because  the resources we make we say are 'Key Word Sign' resources not 'Auslan' and we cannot see the point of confusing families any more than they are at this time in their lives.

Because  we follow this policy some of our resources are not considered 'Auslan Endorsed' - not because we are using a signed english sign but  one that is considered not 'Auslan' and may not be used regularly within the Deaf community.

Talking with friends who are deaf Aileen has often found that these signs may be referred to as 'Baby or Child signs' - a beginners form of signing, or simplified form of signing, you could say. And often this is often the case with Key Word Sign.

There will always be some like Elysha, Aileens' daughter who need to go further than Key Word Sign.

For their family they started out with Key Word Signing but realised by the time Elysha was four that she needed much more than that and in her instance Elysha did her schooling in Hearing Units and there continued her learning of Auslan.

We have information on all the different types of workshops and whats involved in each workshop. Just click on the Workshop Details link.  Each workshop is described in detail. Aileen & Lisa are both users of Auslan and Key Word Sign and are qualifed presenters for 'Key Word Sign' Australia and have 'Certificate in Language' Auslan.

PROLOQUO2GO: if your looking for information on Proloquo2Go check out the Proloquo2Go page (find the link on the left hand side of this page)

Aileen has also done training in the use of Proloquo2Go and offers a number of different workshops in reference to Proloquo2Go, Pictello and starting out on the ipad, ipod. Aileen has been working for AssistiveWare Support for over two years now. AssistiveWare are the designers of Proloquo2Go and Pictello and offer email support 24/7.

 If you want to book your own workshop contact Hands Can Talk on 02 98248332 or email aileen@handscantalk.com.au  and someone from the office will contact you shortly.

Though trying to maintain the Workshop Diary we have found it is often simpler to place notice of an upcoming workshop on our Facebook page 'Hands Can Talk' . By doing this all you need to do is 'LIKE' the Facebook page and you will be automatically adviced when a new workshop is coming up or the sign of the week.  Join us at the 'Hands Can Talk' Facebook group and have your say.

Sign of the Week Every week 'Hands Can Talk' post a number of signs of the week on their Facebook page . These sign language graphics are drawn by Aileen and are signs that are used for 'Key Word Signing'. Each graphics is provided with a basic written description. Also sometimes a comment may be added to explain why a sign is done a particular way. This can help the learner understand why they are doing a sign in a particular way or to jog their memory on the hand shape being used.

Go to Aileen's Blog 'About Sign Language' covering different events and issues that touch on her and her families lives.

This blog has been extended to include information on Proloquo2Go and Pictello and getting started. Proloquo2Go is an app used on iPod, iPad and iPhone giving our children a voice. For Aileens daughter Elysha a dual communication system is now in place. Sign at home and Proloquo2Go when going out into the community.




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